Important Notice – CANVIO Series (Pogoplug® PC bundled product, DTW1xx, DTC8xx, v73600-x, DTD2xx)

Termination of Pogoplug® Services (October 1st, 2017)
Termination of New End User Registration (June 2nd, 2017)
Cloud Engines, Inc. noticed Pogoplug® PC for Toshiba Users will permanently cease operation and support on October 1st, 2017 at 7AM (Central European Time) and new user registrations will be disabled as of June 2, 2017 at 7AM (Central European Time).
Toshiba will permanently cease support on the same time.

This change applies to all Pogoplug® products including but not limited to the free cloud storage services, the Pogoplug® Backup Software, Pogoplug® Remote Access, the Pogoplug® web application, and Pogoplug®’s mobile apps.

After October 1st, 2017 at 7AM (Central European Time) any data still remaining on Pogoplug®’s servers will be securely and permanently destroyed.
Cloud Engines, Inc. Web Page Notice:
Please be sure to back up your necessary data stored in the Pogoplug® cloud storage services to your local storage devices before October 1st, 2017 at 7AM (Central European Time).
If you require assistance, please contact support by emailing [email protected] or by emailing Pogoplug® main support line, [email protected].

Applicable products that bundle Pogoplug® PC for Toshiba users can be identified on basis of the following information:

Canvio Premium
Model number:

Canvio Connect II
Model number:

Canvio Connect
Model number:

Canvio Slim
Model number:

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Some external USB 2,5 inch HDD devices are delivered with two cables (a data cable and an additional USB power cable). If you encounter problems, please use both – the data and power cable.

If the external USB HDD devices still fails please connect it to a self-powered USB Hub.
Most problems on external USB HDD devices are caused by a too high power consumption during initialization or data transfer. The USB specification for a USB port is 500mA per port. If a device needs more then 500mA, the USB port may be switched off by the over current circuit.

To avoid too high power consumption on the used USB port, connect the External USB HDD device to a second USB port with the additional power cable. This provides up to 1000mA to the USB device. If the device still fails, please try a self-powered USB Hub, as they are, in most cases, able to provide more than 500mA per USB port.

If all this fails, you may have to check if the USB ports are ok (i.e. possible hardware failure). To check the USB port, connect a generic USB device like an USB mouse. If the USB port is ok, there may be an incompatibility between the notebook and the used external USB HDD Device. If so, please try a different device or one from another vendor.

In case your Toshiba 2.5-inch HDD is not recognized by your PC anymore and the blue LED is OFF and the red LED is ON, the HDD needs to be replaced.

Please update the USB 3.0 driver of your connected device to the latest version.

In case your Toshiba 3.5-inch HDD is not recognized and does not appear in “My computer”, please check different USB ports and USB cables.

If this doesn’t solve the problem, there’s a possibility that the AC adapter or AC adapter cable is broken. The affected part needs to be replaced.

Canvio for Smartphone

CANVIO for Smartphone is a storage product for backing up photos, videos, music, documents and contacts on your Android smartphone. After backup is completed, CANVIO for Smartphone will charge your smartphone.

Besides data backup, you can also use CANVIO for Smartphone to migrate your data from your old phone to the new phone by using the “Data Transfer” function.

For further information, please have a look at the product page.

Please search and download the “Content Manager” App on Google Play Store.

Please open the “Content Manager” app. If recognized, on the bottom of the app it will show “CANVIO”, which is CANVIO for Smartphone’s storage space.

No, the Toshiba “Content Manager” app is exclusively for CANVIO for Smartphone.

Please follow the steps below:

1) Search and download the “Content Manager” app from Google Play Store.
2) Enable “Auto Backup”.
3) Connect AC adapter to CANVIO for Smartphone. Connect your phone to CANVIO for Smartphone with the provided proper cable type.
4) On the phone, please ensure that requested permissions by “Content Manager” app are given.
5) After your phone idles for 1 minute without closing the “Content Manager” app, the backup process will start. Please do not disconnect during backup process, to ensure backup is successfully completed.

Please ensure that when auto backup is in progress, the CANVIO for Smartphone is powered by AC adapter and that the phone is not unplugged from CANVIO for Smartphone.
Any interruption will cause the backup to be incomplete.
Backup might not be executed depending on remaining battery level of your smartphone.

Please ensure that the file/folder structure on CANVIO for Smartphone has not been modified.
If modified the “Content Manager” app can not locate the backup files. If so, you can access your backup files by plugging into a computer.

Please refer to below table:

Supported file types:

Picture: jpg, gif, png, bmp, webp
Video: 3gp, mp4, ts, webm, mkv
Document: pdf, rft, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, xlt, xlsm, xltm, xlam, ppt, pptx
Music: 3gp, m4a, flac, mp3, wav, aac
Contacts: vcf

1) Please confirm that auto backup is enabled.
2) On the phone, please ensure that requested permissions by the “Content Manager” app are given.
3) If auto backup is enabled, please wait for about 1 minute after connected to CANVIO for Smartphone. The auto backup will start if left idle.

On the phone, please connect to CANVIO for Smartphone and open the “Content Manager” app.

“Content Manager” app will then recognize the storage and allow you to view and select “My Backup” tab. While charging, you can’t view your back up files on CANVIO for Smartphone.

On the computer, please plug CANVIO for Smartphone into the computers USB port with the included USB cable and adapter.

No. CANVIO for Smartphone is designed for data access and backup. Data access or charging is alternative.
After 1 minute of not using the “Content Manager” app, CANVIO for Smartphone will enter into backup mode (if enabled), then into charging mode.

“Data Transfer” allows you to copy your contacts, photos, videos, music and documents from you current phone to another phone.

Follow below steps to transfer data from your current phone to another phone:

1) Connect AC adapter to CANVIO for Smartphone.
2) Connect current phone to CANVIO for Smartphone.
3) Open the “Content Manager” app and select “Data Transfer”.
4) Execute STEP 1. After completed, unplug current phone.
5) Connect another phone to CANVIO for Smartphone.
6) Open the “Content Manager” app and select “Data Transfer”.
7) Execute STEP 2. After completed, please check if the data is transferred.
8) Execute STEP 3.

Auto Backup:
This function will automatically backup photos, videos, music, documents and contacts from your smartphone and SD card to CANVIO for Smartphone.

Data Transfer:
You can select data type (photos, videos, music, documents and contacts) from your current smartphone and migrate them to another smartphone. After Data Transfer is completed, the selected data files will be on the other smartphone.

After completed Step 1 of Data Transfer, a log file is created.
This log file is essential to Step 2 of Data Transfer, when migrating data to another smartphone.

Be sure that you have enabled Auto Backup and allowed CANVIO for Smartphone to backup your contacts at least once.

After re-installing the “Content Manager” app, go to settings and click on “Restore” to restore your contacts.
(Note: CANVIO for Smartphone does not restore photos, videos, music and documents. You can copy and paste them manually.)

You can rename the tabs.
If you have multiple devices using the same CANVIO for Smartphone, you can easily distinguish which backup is for which smartphone.

Each phone will have its own unique tab.
By default, it is “Phone Model + Last 4-digit of MAC address”.
You can rename each tab in the tutorial or within the settings.

Please be sure that you have given the “Content Manager” app all the requested permission, including “Contacts” and “Storage”.
If requested permissions were not given before, you can go to Settings>Apps>CANVIO>Permissions to re-enable them.

You can use CANVIO for Smartphone normally, although the notification is displayed.
CANVIO for Smartphone is formatted in NTFS file system, but Android OS cannot recognize NTFS file system unless the “Content Manager” app.
Therefore this notification appears.

Do not tap “Touch to fix” and do not execute formatting.
If you execute formatting, CANVIO for Smartphone is formatted as a different file system (FAT32, etc).

TOSHIBA only supports NTFS file system.
If you already executed formatting with an Android phone, please reformat using the PC tool below.

HDD Format Tool

Please execute the initialization following below instruction:

a) SONY Xperia Z5, XZ:
At your device screen, find and tap Settings > USB Connectivity > Detect USB device.
Refer to the following instruction:

b) SONY Xperia M2:
At your device screen, find and tap Settings > Xperia™ Connectivity > USB Connectivity > Detect USB device.
Refer to the following instruction:

1) Is the AC adapter connected to CANVIO for Smartphone?
2) Is the proper USB cable used to plug into CANVIO for Smartphone?
3) Is the blue LED on CANVIO for Smartphone lighting?

There is no limit on file size for backup onto CANVIO for Smartphone.
The only limitation is on Android OS and storage space of the your smartphone.

You can ot check it using the smartphone.
You can only check this by using a computer.

Plug CANVIO for Smartphone into a computer and browse to the following file:
x:/CANVIO/Backup/(“Phone Name”)/Contacts/contacts.vcf

For photos: x:/CANVIO/Backup/(“Phone Name”)/Pictures/

For videos: x:/CANVIO/Backup/(“Phone Name”)/Videos/

For music: x:/CANVIO/Backup/(“Phone Name”)/Music/

For documents: x:/CANVIO/Backup/(“Phone name”)/Documents/

Files on the current phone will not be deleted.
On CANVIO for Smartphone, a set of backup files will be stored at x:/CANVIO/Migration/(“Phone name”)/(Documents/Music/Videos/Pictures)

Some smartphone (ex. Samsung Galaxy Note 3) adopt USB3.0 Micro-B.
In this case, please connect the attached cable to USB2.0 Micro-B connector area.

STOR.E Canvio

You may experience that the slightest touch on the USB cable disconnects the external HDD (Toshiba Stor.E Canvio – 2.5” – 1TB – USB 3.0) and the HDD disappears from “My computer”.
Check the cable and replace it using special “A” to “Micro-B” USB cable.


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