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It doesn‘t matter if you want to write history or not: Great ideas need great data storage solutions that are reliable, give the best performance, and are safe. So here we are, giving you the opportunity and the hard drive to thrive. Whether you are a data center infrastructure manager, an architect or a travel blogger, everything is possible - with the right tools.


For project teams who need to share files and work on them at the same time.

When you work around the clock on projects from different locations, the best storage solution is the one where you can access big files quickly, whenever you need to get the work done. That's why the Toshiba N300 is the perfect fit for your team to succeed. Everything is possible - with the right tools.



When you need speed for that special edge.

As a professional gamer, you need the best equipment to stay on top of your game. You want nothing less than flawless performance with response times to keep up with your pace. The Toshiba X300 lets you focus on the action with the speed you need to come out on top. Everything is possible - with the right tools.



When you're looking for the biggest clue in the smallest detail.

When analyzing security footage, you can't risk any frame drops. That's why your storage has to provide ultimate performance to detect rapid movements, record the smallest details, and perform face recognition. The Toshiba S300 is designed as a surveillance hard drive to meet your specialist demands. Everything is possible - with the right tools.


Video Streaming

For streaming, editing and recording multiple films at one time.

Things can get quite hectic when a deadline is approaching. That's when you must rely on your hard drive to work as fast as you do, with the performance to quickly stream, edit and record big video files. The Toshiba V300 video streaming hard drive is your perfect professional partner. Everything is possible - with the right tools.



As your designs get better, so should your hard drive.

True design professionals strive for perfection. Every design should be better than the last one. So when your hard drive doesn't keep up, it's time for an upgrade. The Toshiba P300 and L200 give you the performance and capacity to work with even the biggest files. Everything is possible - with the right tools.



In the era of big data, you need hard drives that can handle the load.

As your business grows, the demand for data capacity grows too. You need to make sure you invest in hard drives that have the space for your data growth. The Toshiba Enterprise Capacity Hard Drive is the reliable solution you can count on to keep pace with your business. Everything is possible - with the right tools.

Toshiba - Portable Hard Drives - Canvio


Make no comprises -- every device should fit your style and exceed your expectations.

In the world of design, special details make the difference. The Canvio Premium with aluminium casing not only looks great and performs with reliability, it also comes with extras you won't find on other hard disks. Like a USB Type-C adapter for flexible connectivity, software for added protection, a 3-year extended warranty and a velvet pouch for stylish transport. Everything is possible - with the right tools.



When your travels lead you to stunning places, you need a safe place to store all the impressions.

Life while travelling is full of adventure. Every day there are memories to save and new experiences to report on. You can trust your Toshiba Canvio Advance or Canvio Alu to keep your data safe. With special password security software, you gain the peace of mind that you will be the only person to be able to access your data during the trip. Everything is possible - with the right tools.



Save your special memories on a special hard drive.

Life flies by quickly. Before you know it, the kids are grown up and memories of the great times start to fade. Make your Toshiba Canvio Basics or Canvio Ready the treasure chest for all the special moments. It's easy to keep your memories safe and revisit them in clear detail later. Everything is possible - with the right tools.


Toshiba's packaging concept

Toshiba Personal Storage’s product range is clearly sorted according to performance criteria and features. With the clear colour coding and the shopping guide, customers immediately know which products best meet their requirements.

Toshiba Premium
Toshiba products for premium users looking for an elegant design, absolute reliability and sophisticated additional functions. Toshiba storage without limits.
Toshiba Advanced
The Advanced storage products are designed for advanced users, providing high quality and high speed with important additional functions.
Toshiba Standard
The product range for users wanting top quality, reliable functionality and essential features.