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Canvio Alu

Solid portable storage

Canvio Alu

Store your essential data securely on the Canvio Alu and access it quickly and easily through SuperSpeed USB 3.0. With its elegant aluminium casing – available in gold, silver, black, metallic blue or metallic red – you can stay stylish while carrying important documents and media files. What’s more, the easy to use inbuilt NTI backup software allows you to make regular automatic backups of up to 2.5 TB of data, for added peace of mind.

  • 2.5" external hard drive
  • Aluminium casing
  • High speed USB 3.0 port
  • USB-powered
  • Backup software
2.5 TB 2 TB 1 TB 500 GB
Durable elegance
With a sleek and solid aluminium casing, Canvio Alu series portable hard drives are not only stylishly designed but also provide durable protection for your data. Thanks to its built-in shock sensor and ramp loading technology the Canvio Alu will keep your data safe from life's bumps and scrapes. Available in five different colours, the Canvio Alu always fits the occasion – whatever your style.

High transfer speeds

Powered by USB 3.0 technology, these portable hard drives are much faster than — but still compatible with — USB 2.0 devices, allowing for speedy transfer when organising your files.

Backup software on-board

Keep all your critical data and digital memories secure with NTI Backup Now EZTM software. This intuitive pre-loaded tool automatically backs up and restores your files or folders – so you can worry less and create more. What’s more, you can schedule when and how often you want the backups to occur and even keep a complete system backup, for the ultimate combination of convenience and security.

Backup software on-board

Transfer with ease

With the Canvio Alu you can transfer data automatically using the automatic backup function. Alternatively, you can manually select which files to backup with ease by simply dragging-and-dropping them to and from your desktop or laptop, rearranging your important media and documents in seconds.

Transfer with ease

Product Specifications

  • Basic Specifications
  • Interface

    USB 3.0 (USB 2.0 compatible)

  • Max. transfer rate

    ~ 5.0 Gbit/s

  • File system

    NTFS (MS Windows)
    *The drive can be re-formatted to HFS+ file system for full Mac® compatibility.

  • Power

    USB bus power (max. 900mA)

  • System requirements

    Windows 10 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 7
    CPU with 750 MHz or faster, 10MB system hard disk space, 256MB system memory, one free port of USB 3.0 or USB 2.0

  • Certifications

    Windows 10 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 7
    CPU with 750 MHz or faster, 10MB system hard disk space, 256MB system memory, one free port of USB 3.0 or USB 2.0

  • Features
  • Backup Software

    NTI® Backup Now EZ™

  • Physical
  • Enclosure


  • Dimensions

    500 GB, 1 TB: 113.5 × 75 × 12 mm
    2 TB, 2.5 TB: 113.5 × 75 × 18 mm

  • Weight (approx.)

    500 GB, 1 TB: 180 g
    2 TB, 2.5 TB: 240 g

  • Box Content
  • Box Content

    Canvio Alu
    NTI® Backup Now EZ™ software (pre-loaded)
    USB 3.0 micro-B cable
    Quick Start Guide
    User‘s manual (pre-installed on the hard drive)
    Warranty leaflet

Product Range

Part number Capacity Color
HDTH325ES3CA 2.5 TB Silver
HDTH325EK3CA 2.5 TB Black
HDTH325EL3CA 2.5 TB Metallic Blue
HDTH325EC3CA 2.5 TB Gold
HDTH325ER3CA 2.5 TB Metallic Red
HDTH320EL3CA 2 TB Metallic Blue
HDTH320EC3CA 2 TB Gold
HDTH320ER3CA 2 TB Metallic Red
HDTH320EK3CA 2 TB Black
HDTH320ES3CA 2 TB Silver
HDTH310EC3AA 1 TB Gold
HDTH310ES3AA 1 TB Silver
HDTH310EK3AA 1 TB Black
HDTH310ER3AA 1 TB Metallic Red
HDTH310EL3AA 1 TB Metallic Blue
HDTH305EC3AA 500 GB Gold
HDTH305ES3AA 500 GB Silver
HDTH305ER3AA 500 GB Metallic Red
HDTH305EL3AA 500 GB Metallic Blue
HDTH305EK3AA 500 GB Black

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