Lab Report: QSAN XCubeSAN “XS3324D” with Toshiba 18TB Nearline SAS HDD


One of the biggest challenges when selecting large-scale, multi-functional storage for small and medium-sized business (SMB) use is the true, attainable performance once installed. While there is a wide range of storage solutions on the market (many with similar processors, memory capacities and features), there remains one unknown when it comes to final performance metrics – the impact of the used hard disk drives (HDDs).

This lab report reviews the QSAN XCubeSAN XS3300 Series, a powerful family of hybrid (flash and HDD based) storage products targeting the needs of SMBs and enterprise users. The HDDs selected for testing were from the Toshiba Enterprise Capacity MG-Series that are well suited to enterprise storage arrays and systems.

Download the Lab Report results here!

Author: Rainer W. Kaese, Senior Manager, HDD Business Development at Toshiba Electronics Europe GmbH