Does the annual spring clean reach into our digital devices?

Photography and videography is now in the pockets of almost everyone. But where do all those files end up? And do we ever take time to delete photos and videos that we no longer want? With the 31st March designated as World Backup Day, Toshiba decided to reach out the world’s social-media-savvy via Facebook to ask how we are securing our precious memories and whether we are taking time out to spring clean our smartphones, laptops and PCs.


Storage Trends 2019

Where on earth are we going to put all this data? Thanks to engineers and programmers, disk drives are becoming more voluminous and combining them into efficient storage systems is getting easier. But with ever more data predicted to be generated, will we be able create enough storage for the coming decade’s needs?


HDD or SSD for storage systems?

One of the hottest topics within technology circles is when to move from established technology to the newer version, taking into account the costs and any possible risks. IT professionals are engaged in making this decision, determining whether (and when) SSDs offer better performance than the older, but lower cost, HDD technology. As one of the leading drive manufacturers with significant experience in both HDD and SSD technology, Toshiba Electronics Europe set out to investigate the question as to whether an array of 10krpm HDDs can offer a better performance solution than Enterprise SSDs and, if so, under what conditions?


Testing replacement of drives in hardware-based RAID systems

Hard disc drives are becoming more reliable, often achieving a Mean Time To Failure (MTTF) of up to 2.5 million hours and carrying a warranty of up to five years. In practice, this means that a storage system comprising 1000 identical hard drives should only expect two or three drives to fail during one year within the warranty period.


Comparing 60 Enterprise HDDs with 8 Enterprise SSDs

Can a 100% HDD-based solution meet the requirements of tasks such as “Storage for Virtualisation“ and “Email Serving“? Toshiba Electronics Europe (TEE) compares Enterprise Capacity HDD and SSD based solutions to build 50TB to 100TB storage.


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