Lab Report: AIC JBOD “J4024-04-35X”


A glance inside any data center might reveal thousands of HDDs working side by side in glittering arrays, blinking as they smoothly transfer millions and millions of bits and bytes.

Compact, and easy to install and maintain, large scalable storage is the key building block for large-enterprise and scientific data centers as well as for cloud-scale computing. 4U 24x 3.5in. frontloader “just a bunch of disks” (JBOD) enclosures are widely used for this, because they – unlike the alternative 4U toploader – will fit into any rack and allow easy access to the drives.


Tested Product

AIC has recently launched the fourth generation of its 4U 24-bay frontloader JBOD. It features a robust and reliable design, with no cables on the signal path. With a depth of just 38.55 cm, it’s the most compact model in its class, leaving ample room for cabling and other installations in any rack. The dual I/O modules (IOMs) based on Broadcom’s SAS35X-series expanders support another reduction in power consumption for the backplanes and connectivity.

Toshiba had the chance to evaluate a sample of  the J4024-04 in the European HDD lab in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Download the Lab Report results here!

Author: Rainer W. Kaese, Senior Manager, HDD Business Development at Toshiba Electronics Europe GmbH