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Canvio AeroCast

Your personal wireless backup centre

Canvio AeroCast

With the Canvio AeroCast wireless HDD from Toshiba, you can store everything you need in one place – ready for sharing with all the family. Back up as much as 1 TB of your favourite content without the hassle of plugging in, or use the Canvio AeroCast as a compact, central multimedia hub that’s accessible from up to six devices at once. With the Canvio AeroCast, everyone has the content they need, on the device they’re comfortable on –whether it’s a smartphone, a tablet or a laptop.

  • 1 TB capacity
  • TV-casting function
  • Built-in SD card slot
  • Re-chargeable battery with up to 5-hour battery life for data streaming
  • Access from up to 6 devices
  • Internet Pass-Thru Mode
  • User-friendly apps
1 TB

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HDTU110EKWC1 1 TB Preto