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Toshiba attains Microchip Adaptec® interoperability assurance qualification for its flagship SAS-based HDDs

Düsseldorf, Germany, 9 May 2023 — Toshiba Electronics Europe GmbH has further underlined the application versatility of its hard disk drive (HDD) products. Having already shown the complete compatibility of certain models in its high-capacity MG10 Series with the Microchip Adaptec® redundant array of independent disks (RAID) controllers and host bus adapters (HBAs), extensive Microchip-conducted compatibility testing has been done in relation to further products.

SAS 12GB/s versions of the enterprise-grade MG10SCA20TE and MG10SCA20TA HDDs have gained certification in relation to both the Adaptec SmartRAID 31xx and 32xx storage adapter series. They have subsequently been added to the Microchip compatibility list that its customers refer to. This follows on from the SATA 6GB/s MG10ACA HDD model getting Adaptec SmartRAID 31xx/32xx interoperability qualification at the end of 2022.

Featuring elevated data storage capacities and SAS 12GB/s interfacing, the MG10SCA20TE/A HDDs from Toshiba are supplied in compact 3.5-inch form factors. They each feature a 10-disk arrangement, with a helium-filled design and a rotational speed of 7,200rpm.

As Rainer W. Kaese, Senior Manager Business Development Storage Products at Toshiba Electronics Europe GmbH, explains; “By having assured interoperability between Microchip and Toshiba products, thanks to the comprehensive testing work carried out by Microchip, we are making data storage implementation much easier for our customer base. It means that HDDs plus the accompanying HBAs and storage controllers can be sourced with total confidence in their combined operational performance and long-term reliability.”

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