Case Study – Solving Customer Surveillance Challenges 24/7 – Optima Networks

“Our customers want to enjoy a professionally installed camera surveillance system – working without any fuzz. This becomes reality by integrating Toshiba’s HDD solutions into our ONX-series video management system.” Erik Couwels / General Manager Optima Networks

At the core of Optima Networks’ business is the supply and delivery of reliable equipment and the implementation of complete intelligent network configurations/installations for the most complex surveillance situations.

The comprehensive setup of a surveillance system may need to take into account confusing environments – for example, IP cameras must be installed correctly to capture best quality images, even during challenging environ-mental conditions, high traffic environments or continuously changing scenery. The quality of the images collected, smooth data processing and highly reliable storage solutions have a decisive influence on the overall success of smart technologies such as facial recognition and AI analytics.

As a result of the quantity of data, which comes in waves, the system faces a significant workload – hour by hour, day by day. The encoding techniques capture a full frame (the I-frame) at a single moment in time. This is followed by a series of P-frames that only start to be stored when they show action, showing a difference in image in relation to the previous I-frame. The storage solution to support this must work extremely reliably 24/7, storing the incoming pictures at high quality so that theft or damage can be – if not prevented – easily resolved.

“These aspects play an important role for our customers, including a leading transport and logistics company in Europe, who provides added-value ser-vices in the areas of road transport, air and sea freight, logistics and customs, and forwarding services,” states Kevin Vanvinckenroye, Optima Networks Business Development Manager.

One of the major requirements of the company’s surveillance system is to monitor multiple sites and buildings – tracking the intense daily activity of trailer fleets with high-definition IP cameras. linked in a reliable network, and finally the analytics of the data should be centralized.

Driven to meet and exceed its customer requirements, Optima Networks uses Network Optix Nx Witness VMS for smart monitoring, managing and augmenting the IP video cameras in a central office. Optima’s ONX Systems work as the video management server, so that the data retrieved is easily accessible and searchable.

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As the workload is estimated to be 140 TB per month and an excellent recording solution is essential, the setup includes Toshiba’s MG series and S300 Pro Surveillance hard disk drives to ensure reliable storage.

Designed for business-critical storage systems and enterprise servers, Toshiba’s MG series with capacities of up to 18 TB delivers 24/7 operation at a workload of 550 TB/year. Toshiba’s 3.5-inch S300 Pro Surveillance hard drives are built for large-scale surveillance systems that require up to 64 high-definition camera streams, video analytics, face-tracking and editing functions. Up to 10 TB capacity supports recording and playback of events in real time at high resolution, with object identification and face recognition. Both hard drive series meet the precise demands that Optima Networks seeks, as its digital IP solution relies on excellent HDD storage coupled with server hardware to gather digital video feeds.

Close personal contact with customers and partners, fast support, and assistance where necessary are at the heart of Optima Networks’ services.

“The reliability and performance of Toshiba’s surveillance HDDs as well as the service provided by Toshiba Electronics Europe’s team is a real add-on to the products and services we offer and has a great impact on business outcomes for Optima Networks and our customers,” says Erik Couwels, General Manager. “We are sure: respectfully doing business together will create new opportunities – for Optima Networks as well as for Toshiba.”

“Optima Networks ONX-series server hardware and Toshiba’s S300 Pro high performance Surveillance hard disk drives and MG-series are a perfect match in performance and reliability, bringing together high-end technology and top of the edge security solutions.” Sebastian Stanjek, Key Account Manager, Toshiba Electronics Europe GmbH

Video Surveillance, Access Control, IP Security, Physical Security, Infrastructure

Providing highly reliable and performing network and security solutions to meet the most stringent requirements

Toshiba MG Serie / S300 Pro high
performance surveillance hard disk drives
combined with Network Optix Nx Witness VMS including Optima NVR-04 ONX , NVR-02 ONX LIGHT and NVR-00 ONX MICRO Server Hardware

Unsurpassed data availability through high reliability and performance
Fast random access to all recordings within a live recording environment
Very intuitive and extremely powerful graphical interface