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Toshiba Defines Nearline HDD Technology Roadmap to Meet Ever-Increasing Global Data Demands

Unique high-density technologies will provide foundation for continued progression

Düsseldorf, Germany, 08th March 2022 – Toshiba Electronics Europe GmbH (TEE)  announced that Toshiba Electronic Devices and Storage Corporation has set out its product development strategy in relation to Nearline Hard Disk Drives (HDDs). This will see the company make further engineering innovations in order to deliver a significant increase in the storage capacities that can be supported.

The upcoming generations of Toshiba Nearline HDDs are expected to have reached 35TB before the end of FY2024 and gone beyond 40TB by 2026. These objectives will be achieved via the addition of further stacking layers (with devices featuring a total of 11 layers), combined with the use of Toshiba game-changing proprietary recording technologies. By unlocking the full potential of Flux-Controlled Microwave-Assisted Magnetic Recording (FC-MAMR) and Microwave Assisted Switching Microwave-Assisted Magnetic Recording (MAS-MAMR), it will be possible to dramatically boost recording densities, but still assure elevated signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) figures and ongoing operational reliability. The result is that Toshiba has substantial scope to keep on ramping up capacity levels in the longer term, while also reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO) involved.

“The world that we now live in is fuelled by data, with it being the basis of nearly every day-to-day activity we do. This has major implications for the storage sector, as unprecedented quantities of data are now being generated and much of this needs to be placed on the cloud,” states Larry Martinez-Palomo, General Manager of the Storage Products Division at Toshiba Electronics Europe GmbH. “Through close consultation with the leading cloud service operators, we have gained valuable insight into what their future data storage requirements will be. By implementing our advanced high-density FC-MAMR and MAS-MAMR devices, they can be confident of having the data storage capabilities necessary, alongside strong read/write performance parameters and prolonged working lifespan.”

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